Summer camps on the beach in English. Santa Pola

A program that combines nautical activities on the beach with a perfect method of English and obtaining accreditations.

Nautical camps in Santa Pola . Our summer camps on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in English, are held in Hotel Facilities are located on the very first beach line . You can bring your children from 3 years old until they are 17 years old and can stay to sleep from 5 years old. A great experience supports us, they come to visit us chic @ s of all the countries of the world. Sailing school approved .

• 7 DAYS SESSION ___ € 495 

• 14 DAYS SESSION__ € 980

Water sports camp

Summer camps on the beach with English language immersion

List of activities:

Sailing. Wind Surf Kayak. Skimboard Bodyboard Paddle Sup. Snorkel. Swimming pool. Plan 70 Kids. WorkshopsBeach Soccer Beach volleyball. Hoverboard Theme parties. Discotheque. Banana. Wave surf-Skiing. Donut Ping-Pong Natural chef Bicycle route. Gymcanas . Island of Tabarca . Robotics Theater. Language immersion … And much more!

It includes:

Accommodation. Diets (5 meals). Activities. Monitors And insurance


Nautical Camps
Sailing School
Water Sports Camp

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Description of sailing activity on the beach 

Teaching sailing to young boys aims to bring the world of navigation to those who do not know, this way they will feel comfortable in a boat, and in a medium, which is not normal for them and that can give a lot of respect. In these summer camps on the coast in English, the days with choppy seas and that can not be navigated, the instructors organize games introducing theoretical lessons in them , thus taking advantage of that time. The key is to learn and practice the English language while having fun and making friends.

How we teach sailing in summer camps 

A good option for children and young people to enjoy what it means to sail at sea . The boats are collective so that the experience of working in a group is strengthened, they will have no choice but to reach an agreement between them. The monitors will teach them the basic techniques of navigation, and little by little they will be able to let go and assimilate more advanced techniques. Parents can see the progress in the regattas that will be organized.

First of all security

Our activities in summer camps on the beach in English, follow all safety regulations that require this type of camp. The monitors are experts in their work and they control that there are no dangerous situations. We have life-saving life jackets and the corresponding life insurance for these camps .

Brief recommendations when making the backpack of the nautical camp

  1. Clothing labeled with the first and last name of the boys and girls. Sewn or with ironed vinyl.
  2. Do not take anything of value . In a camp, things are lost, broken, lent. they are scratched … The best thing is to put old clothes that we do not mind spoiling.
  3. Clothes that can be put on top of what you already wear as layers . By the sea, it is easy for the nights to cool and for the day to rise the temperature.
  4. Shocked shoes that can get wet without damaging or damaging the feet.
  5. Water activities cause many things to get wet, it is advisable to bring a rain jacket and self-sealing plastic bags (if possible) to protect personal items.
  6. Calculate take clothes for a week and carry bags to keep dirty clothes
  7. A canteen always comes in handy to have water on hand, hydrating is important.
  8. Do not forget the flashlight , you may need it when you least expect it.

With these small recommendations we are ready to enjoy these summer camps on the beach in English with all the marine activities.

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