Campamentos de inglés en Inglaterra UK

Camp in england

2 weeks 2,100 euros

They will speak English immersed in multi-adventure activities, excursions, group games and educational workshops.

Come to know and enjoy our English camps in England.

Boreatton Park

Dates from July 15 to 29, 2023

Age groups from 10 to 13 years old and from 13 to 16 years old. PGL Center. Total immersion in the English language. Guided cultural visits. Guardian of Canterbury Consulting Spain.



Limited places!

* Campos obligatorios / * Obligatory field




Campamentos de inglés en English camps in England for teenager


Boreatton Park from July 15 to 29, 2022

2 weeks 2,100 euros

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Campamentos de ingles en inglaterra para jóvenes con actividades multiaventura



Clases EFL, actividades multiaventura y excursiones

We will do two one-day excursions and two half-day excursions. Dynamic and fun English classes, in the morning, with native teachers and PGL experts. The implementation of knowledge of English will be in the afternoon, together with multi-adventure activities and group dynamics, and other types of tasks and games are organized at night.

What is the EFL?

EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language. It is about adapting language teaching with those who do not have English as their mother tongue in mind. The typical difficulties of an EFL student are usually low motivation, not being able to live immersed in the language and not hearing a real pronunciation, and these obstacles are solved in these camps, where students are motivated and curious about the environment and its companions.

Language objectives of summer camps in the United Kingdom

Interact in the English camps in England using the English language, in situations different from the usual ones of the educational center where they study. Speak English naturally, within playful-sports situations, coexistence and personal and group relationships, promoted by living this experience.

Sociocultural objectives of immersion

Promote social relations between equals, as well as the exchange of ideas and cultural traits.
Strengthen values such as tolerance and respect for a culture different from their own.
In the English camps in the United Kingdom for young people we want to promote cooperation and participation in all those situations that require collective work. And facilitate a favorable scenario to create and establish bonds of friendship and mutual enrichment.

English camps in England
for young people who want to learn and have fun


Explore England. Camps in England offer an excellent range of day and half day excursions including visits to Liverpool, Chester, world famous historical sites and/or theme parks.


Everything you need to know about camping in England

Camp Overview:

PGL Adventure Centers are conveniently located for primary schools in and around London. They usually have large tracts of land with forests and lakes. Also offering a wide variety of adventure activities, including water sports. There are also stunning hiking trails close by.

In the evening, students will enjoy a full evening entertainment programme before retiring to their comfortable en-suite rooms in our purpose-built cabins.

PGL Boreatton Park, Baschurch, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY4 2EZ, Reino Unido.

Camps in the UK have cabins specially built to accommodate young people between the ages of 10 and 16.

  1. Classrooms.
  2. Indoor play area.
  3. Lake.
  4. Leaders Hall.
  5. Meeting rooms.
  6. Shop.
  7. Sports venue.
  1. Ambush.
  2. Bonfire.
  3. Capture the Flag.
  4. Cluedo.
  5. Disk.
  6. Passport to the world.
  7. PGL Sports Night.
  8. Photo challenge.
  9. Television contest.
  10. Robot Wars.
  11. Snapshot.
  12. Splash.
  13. strange races.
  1. London.
  2. Oxford.
  3. Windsor Castle.

Actividades de remo en los campamentos de Inglaterra

  1. Abseiling.
  2. archery
  3. Burn Walk.
  4. Canoeing.
  5. cat walk
  6. Challenge Course.
  7. Climbing.
  8. Fencing.
  9. First aid.
  10. Giant swing.
  11. Trekking.
  12. Jacob’s ladder.
  13. Mountain bike.
  14. Nature route.
  15. Orientation.
  16. Problem solving.
  17. Quad biking.
  18. Raft construction.
  19. Rifle shooting.
  20. Sensory trail.
  21. Sports games and teams.
  22. Survivor.
  23. Trapeze.
  24. Tree Climb.
  25. upright challenge.
  26. ZipWire.


  1. Choice of cereals for breakfast.
  2. Assorted yogurts.
  3. White and brown toast with preserves.
  4. Fresh fruit.
  5. Oatmeal porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar.
  6. Grilled sausages.
  7. Scrambled eggs.
  8. Baked beans.
  9. Vegetable sausages (V).

Lunch at summer camps

  1. Tomato soup served with a selection of breads
  2. Baguettes and wraps with various fillings, e.g. chicken fajitas
  3. tuna and sweet corn
  4. Grilled Vegetables and Cheese (V)
  5. omelettes
  6. Salad bar

Dinner in the camps

  1. Special soup
  2. Meat lasagna
  3. Fish fingers
  4. Stir-fried vegetables with noodles (V)
  5. fresh carrots
  6. Sautéed green beans
  7. Potato chips
  8. Salad bar
  9. Ice cream

Actividad asegurada en los campamentos de verano en Inglaterra

Loss of objects

All personal items must be clearly labeled with the owner’s name. We strongly recommend that all valuables be left at home. So you can enjoy the camps in Scotland with peace of mind.


In our English camps in Scotland we have a weekly laundry service for clothes. Linen is provided for all guests and is changed weekly. Guests must bring their own towels. We recommend one towel for showering and another towel for wet and/or dirty activities.

Cleaning in the summer camps in the UK

Bins are emptied daily and rooms are deep cleaned once a week.

Guest behavior

Please refer to our online Code of Practice document for our Code of Conduct for visiting groups to camps in Scotland.

First aid

All our activities staff stay on the premises for eight hours. They have the Emergency First Aid Certificate and some of the staff have a Workplace First Aid Certificate. This allows the immediate application of any required first aid treatment. Cold storage of any medicine can be done if necessary.


For English camps in Scotland we can arrange insurance cover for visiting groups, through our existing provider. Please contact us for more details.


We are proud of our excellent safety record at our camps in Scotland, due to the diligence and care of our staff. For your peace of mind, a summary of our security management systems is available in our online Code of Practice document. When required, our activities are inspected and approved by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA). This is updated every year and we comply with the latest government guidelines on the health and safety of students on educational visits.


We recommend bringing old clothes to the camps in Scotland to participate in the activities. In addition to clothing for excursions / night, please bring the following:

  1. Sweaters/sweatshirts for cold weather (most activities take place outside).
  2. Long-sleeved shirt (to cover the arms for some activities).
  3. Pants/leggings (no jeans) for activities.
  4. Sneakers/activity shoes and old shoes/wet activity shoes.
  5. Socks that cover the ankle for some activities.
  6. Waterproof jacket.
  7. Baseball cap / hat for hot weather.

Other important things

  1. Hygiene bag (including soap / shampoo, etc.).
  2. 2 large towels.
  3. Plastic bottle for drinks.
  4. Sunscreen (summer).
  5. Pen and paper.
  6. Small bag/backpack for the day trip.
  7. Plastic bags/garbage bags (for wet items) labeled with your name.

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