Summer camps in English Benagéber

A program that combines a perfect method of English ,
multi-adventure and the possibility of obtaining accreditation
Prices from € 595 stays of 10 days

Juegos acuaticos en el embalse con chicas

Summer experiences in English 2021
in the Benagéber camp (Valencia)
Language immersion

In English Adventures, with our native teachers and experts in English summer camps , we get the participants to have fun expressing themselves in English in our programmed activities and in the environments that we create in this Benagéber camp environment, getting the best way to put in practice and increase all the knowledge learned during the school year.

In our summer camps in English of Benagéber (Valencia), all activities, games and contests are carried out . At the end of the activities the students will be able to obtain an international certification, TOEFL Junior , which will be important for their future studies.


• SESSION 1> From July 10 to July 19 – 10 DAYS
• SESSION 2> From July 20 to July 21 – 10 DAYS

A paradise in Valencia of fun and adventure in the middle of nature practicing English

Download our informative BROCHURE:

English Camp Spain

Benagéber brochure 2021


Escape the Room

As a new activity for July 2021 we have developed our own escape game based on the “Escape The Room” games that are making a furore in half the world among young people!

Enjoy Escape the room

The four teams of students will create their own escape game, along with their English teachers, working as a team to escape the rooms to solve the riddles, riddles and challenges designed by the opposing teams.

Which group will escape first?
The challenge is launched!

* Campos obligatorios / * Obligatory field

We invite you to read our privacy policy before submitting the form.

Summer camps in English at the Benagéber Reservoir

Unforgettable English camp in Valencia for your children

Teaching methodology

Our methodology of teaching English in the follows a program of proven effectiveness . During the workshops our native English teachers present the syllabus through powerpoint demonstrations with the help of projectors, thus capturing the maximum attention of the students.

After teaching the agenda we started a round of questions and answers . Teachers only speak to students in English , always adapted to the age and level of the students and they must ask and answer in English . When the oral expression and comprehension session ends, we begin to put the workshops into practice. Everything to enjoy the .

Some of our workshops in the Valencian Community:

The advantage of having experience organizing dives

The experience of several years managing the English camp in Valencia has shown us that the activities of a bivouac : workshops, excursions, multi-adventure, nocturnal activities … must be coordinated with each other and have a bond of unity day by day with a progressive motivation to the end of the camp. All our workshops are linked to each other and to the multi – adventure activities in the form of a contest in English .

English summer camp

Students compete with their teams to earn the maximum points and thus get the prize of the camp . Progressively, the students integrate and increase their knowledge of English throughout the summer camp in Valencia.

In the nocturnal activities of our summer bivouacs the results of the day are presented with powerful projectors, promoting teamwork and good fellowship among all the competitors. The result is very refreshing summer camps in Valencia .

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Video of one of the bivouacs



The coexistence of English Adventures 2021 will take place in the Benageber Camp Reservoir (Valencia):


FROM 10 TO 19 JULY 2021 – 10 DAYS – 595, – €
FROM 20 TO 29 OF JULY 2021 – 10 DAYS – 595, – €


– Full board in the summer camps of Valencia.
– Program of English activities with native teachers
– Multi-adventure activities program with qualified guides
– Material for all activities of the Benagéber camp
– Transfer by bus from Madrid City and Valencia City
– Insurance
Note: there will be no discount on the price of the camp for not using the bus service.


The are organized and supervised by a human team with qualifications. In this case, the experience and qualifications of the guides are the most important to guarantee that the fun takes place under optimal security conditions.



The preparation of food in the camp Benagéber follows the strict control HACCP (Analysis of Hazards and Critical Control Points). The menus are configured with the double criterion that it contributes nutritional value, but also that it is in accordance with the tastes of the children. For those who have any food incompatibility, allergy or intolerance a specific menu will be elaborated.


English Camp Valencia

The program of multi-adventure activities of may vary depending on weather conditions, river flow or any other technical condition that, in the opinion of the activities coordinator, suggests a modification of the program, with the main objective of guaranteeing safety.

In the event that, for any reason, the child does not wish to participate in any of the adventure activities of the program, he will be excused from doing so, although he will remain with the group, under the tutelage of the monitors.


In the event that parents decide to give money to their children, an amount between 15-30 euros is recommended throughout the .


During the development of , the children will be supervised by the monitors while the scheduled activities take place. At night, there will be guard monitors. Likewise, during the entire stay, the camp director will be available 24 hours a day for any need that may arise, especially if it is necessary to move a child to the nearest health center or hospital.


Children carry a multi-tenancy travel insurance policy with RC coverage.


– Underwear (dumb).
– Shorts and long.
– Tshirts.
– 2 plain white T-shirts to be painted by them.
– A sweatshirt or tracksuit jacket.
– Sports shoes.
– Rain jacket if it rains.
– Flip-flops or rubber sandals for the shower.
– Bath towel.
– Pool towel.
– Swimsuit.
– Pijama.
– Sleeping bag or if you wish for 5 euros we provide them with bedding.


– Shampoo and body wash
– Toothbrush and toothpaste
– Comb or brush
– Cologne
– Moisturizing cream after sun
– High factor sunscreen cream, minimum 25.


– Sleeping bag (Note 1)
– Cap with visor.
– Small backpack for excursions, canteen, tissues, bags for dirty clothes
– Front torch (to put on the head) with spare batteries
– Any type of funny clothes used (that they are thinking about throwing) that can be used for the “fashion show”, costumes, nice clothes in general, etc. This can go in a separate bag and they will not bring it back.

Note (1): If you prefer center bed linen has a cost of 5 euros.
Note (2): it is important that children’s clothes and other personal items are identified with their name.
Note (3): mobile phones do not allow you to take them in multi-adventure activities because of the danger of losing them. We recommend if you want to take photos, a simple waterproof camera, preferably and that it bears the child’s name.

Video about the Los Serranos region of “Poble a la vista”


For any additional information they wish, they can contact:
English Adventures
Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
Covarrubias Street 22 2nd Dcha.28010 MADRID
Tlf. +34 918380082

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 Benagéber Reservoir and summer camps in English Valencia

A little history of the Benagéber Reservoir in Valencia

Thousands of young people , teenagers, boys and girls, and tourists visit the Benagéber holiday centers in Valencia every year, its forests, jetties, the reservoir and the summer camp at the top of the mountain. Some arrive to relax a few days, others to go hiking, canyoning, school gatherings between England and Spain, various multi-adventure activities, water sports or simply practice and improve a language in the English summer camp . But of all of them few are those who know the history that hides after their deserved days of rest.


The Benagéber reservoir can be found in the course of the river Turia , in the province of Valencia. Specifically in the region of Los Serranos , in Benagéber, a town that is part of the Mancomunidad del Alto Turia and that in 2013 had a census of 216 inhabitants. But that was not always the case. Actually the town was divided into three when the monumental works of the dam began in 1933, a part moved to San Antonio de Benagéber (near Valencia city), another to San Isidro de Benagéber (near Monacada), and the third kilometers of the swamp.Needless to say, they were forced to leave their homes , their land, and all for the .

Town of Banagéber before the eviction

The proper name that he receives now is not the one he had years ago, in fact he even had up to three differentnames . First Pantano de Blasco Ibáñez , after San Bartolomé, and later the Generalissimo . Because of that and because it was inaugurated in 1952, it is usually attributed to General Franco, but nothing is further from reality.

It all started when the early twentieth century wanted to take advantage of the abundance of water flow in the area, and following the ideas of the time wanted to facilitate the development of the country by investing in large public works, especially in the Valencian Community unattractive in that sense. The Government of 1902 projected the National Plan of Hydraulic Works where they wanted to make up to 296 works designed to improve irrigation. Within that plan was the construction of a dam in Lácava, but in 1912 a new project for the area was presented which made the previous one to be rejected, and already in 1933 the head of the Hydrographic Studies Center together with the Minister of Public Works decided on the Benagéber reservoir inValencia , and in that same year the works began.

Later The Spanish Civil War motivated the paralysis of works that were already very advanced. Once the war is over, the project is resumed and the Francoist authorities decide to use political prisoners to carry out the most dangerous tasks. It is not known how many left their lives in the project. Finally in 1955 its construction is completed , leaving behind a whole history of pain and uprooting . Even today, the descendants of the former inhabitants of Benagéber (and those who still live) meet once a year in August to share and remember their roots .

Thanks to the effort and sacrifice of those men today we can enjoy a reservoir that occupies 722 hectares , with a capacity of up to 228 cubic hectometres. And not only the irrigators of the Valencian community take advantage of it through the Campos del Turia channel, but nature lovers and outdoor activities also have theValdeserrillas natural reserve of 365 hectares, as well as a holiday center where they celebrate all kinds ofsocial gatherings, multi-adventure sports, , etc. Without forgetting the solar boat to make fluvial routes located in the wharf of Fuente Muñoz . And all that at just one hour from Madrid.

Now, when you visit the reservoir or spend a few days in your summer camp, you will know how to value everything that the environment hides in its history. Let’s not forget it!


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