Online English classes for children and also face-to-face

Online English classes for children

The English classes kids need now

The current times in which we live mean that in special circumstances, we must use the best resources to continue evolving every day. In the case of learning English, the international language par excellence, it is advisable to use an alternative method to the usual one with the aim of getting your children to master the language.

To help students achieve a good level in the four basic language skills, from Canterbury Consulting Spain (language academy organizer of EA camps), we adapt to the needs of the moment to offer you the best service, whatever the circumstances. Therefore, we guarantee children a safe return to their training routine, which also has its benefits.

Online English classes for children

If home classes don’t seem like a good idea at the moment, we offer online English lessons to suit the preferences of all clients. Thanks to them, children will be very comfortable from home following the class without distractions. They will take more advantage of the time before and after each one, since they will not have to travel to the academy to receive their training.

Online sessions: € 19.00 / hour

The teachers, who have the ability to adapt to any method of imparting knowledge due to their extensive experience teaching English classes online for children, provide all the facilities to resume a dynamic and effective learning. All the children in the group will be in contact through the network and will be able to interact to practice the communicative method.

Although they cannot enjoy the atmosphere of a 100% physical class, a similar experience can be recreated where everyone is willing to collaborate and learn English online for children. Group videoconferencing classes can be fun too!

Online English courses for children

Cursos de inglés online para niños por videoconferencia

There is the option to book online classes for a single student in our online English courses for children , choosing the schedule that best suits you and adapted at the level of each one. Our teachers, with internationally recognized qualifications, will be delighted to help children and adolescents overcome all the obstacles that arise at each stage.

In this way, it is possible to consolidate what has been learned and it is possible to have a good basis to continue taking one more step in the constant process of learning a language. Through individualized videoconferencing classes , kids will find a way to get rid of their insecurities by breaking down the walls that previously prevented them from moving forward.

As these are individual lessons, students have the opportunity to put their oral skills into practice for longer than in groups. Likewise, they are given the possibility of responding to their demands and questions quickly, and being more flexible in terms of the proposed activities.

All the benefits of online classes for children and youth

    • The online classes can be very effective and, Above all, a good way to connect with the student and their learning problems, especially in individual lessons.
    • New technologies are an ideal tool to promote education, since they offer multiple interactive resources that awaken and nurture children’s curiosity.
    • These courses can be done comfortably at home, which favors a better relationship between parents and children. The truth is that both could share this process more intimately (studying or doing online activities such as watching videos, series …) to enjoy quality time together .
    • The rates are more affordable than the face-to-face classes, since they are always offered at a lower price, although the guarantee of success is always the same.
    • Classes are much more flexible in terms of their schedule and approach, which can be very useful for your children. Together you can choose the time of the class from a wide range of options.
    • Online courses are an effective way to maintain social distance , and therefore can help to study in a safe environment.

English classes for children at home with native teachers

The group English classes foster a climate of trust among the students in the classroom, ideal for practicing the spoken language and having fun. Still, there are good reasons to benefit from private lessons, especially with native speakers.

 Learn English online children The communicative method helps a second language to be acquired naturally and without too much effort. Thanks to individual lessons, it is possible to keep up with each student’s learning pace more easily, as well as to focus on those areas where they need improvement.

Likewise, teachers whose mother tongue is English are a great example of real pronunciation that brings the language closer to students for better listening comprehension and oral production thanks to the English classes for children .

This system supposes a linguistic immersion in the second language that allows children to develop basic skills in it. And, if you also have a teacher to clarify all your doubts, personalized classes can be key to improving your skills in a short time.

This is the perfect time to promote the education of the youngest , who want to take advantage of the many advantages of learning English at an early age. Do you remember what they were?

Advantages of learning a second language in childhood

When we come into the world, we do it with great curiosity and a desire to learn everything around us. For this reason, it is said that children are like little sponges capable of absorbing any kind of knowledge.

Well, learning to communicate in English is one of the most interesting academic and social experiences to which they will have access. And it is that apart from opening many work horizons, it will allow them to travel to any part of the world without having to worry about the language.

In the short term, this process helps them focus attention and serves as a good starting point for learning other languages.

In addition, by learning in class, children will develop their emotional management , which will be essential throughout their lives. This means that the little ones will learn beforehand to function with ease, to participate in different dynamics and to trust their abilities to carry out all kinds of routines.

What are you waiting for to start learning English online for children?

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