Native teachers with the TEFL Certification

International TEFL Certification

You will wonder what is that about the TEFL Certification that is so much talked about. Well, let’s explain it. Those native English speakers who want to be English teachers in a non-English speaking country, need to take the TEFL to obtain a certificate that ensures a good quality in the teaching of the language. It can also be taken by anyone with a C1 level of English.

At Canterbury Consulting Spain we offer these TEFL courses with our International TEFL Academy where, in addition to the certificate that allows us to teach English abroad, we also give paid work as an English teacher in Madrid and in summer camps to our students of.

The initials of TEFL refer to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL / TESOL). In this course, the skills required to be a good English teacher are worked on. Learn more about our TEFL Certification Course and Teach English abroad or find jobs in Spain.

The evaluation of the teaching is the most important and the general qualification can not exceed the degree of evaluation of the teaching. The written grade is there to give credit to students who are strong in academic work and ready for ESL teaching.

Successful students receive an official certificate showing the completion of the course and the general qualification. A report from Canterbury TEFL, Madrid, will also be issued, showing his performance during teaching practice.

That’s why we highlight in English Adventures that all of our teachers are native and have the TEFL Certification taught by Canterbury Consulitng Spain.

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