Open Day Benagéber Camp

Next Saturday, May 20, we will make our usual DAY OF OPEN DOORS . With the intention that all those parents and children who want to know firsthand how our English summer camps are can live the experience during a whole day in the Benagéber camp.

In addition there is an added incentive: in our Open House Day we find students from the Alperton Community School in London who will be in those days living their campus experience within the that has created Canterbury Consulting spain in the Benagéver camp in Valencia. This is a very good opportunity to share experiences , do activities and practice English with schoolchildren in the UK in real life, one on one, and we can also help them in practicing Spanish that will surely come in handy.

The place will be in the Holiday Center Reservoir of Benageber in Valencia. It is an ideal space for practicing all kinds of camps , it is located 800 meters above sea level, within a wonderful pine forest , and surrounded by natural landscapes rich in flora and fauna. It has a temperate climate ideal not to spend too much heat in summer, with access to multiple routes and opportunities of excusion, but Benagéber camp is also recommended to rest if it is what you are looking for, or play sports.

Holiday center Embalse Campamento Benagéber

Holiday Center Embalse de Benagéber

That day we can practice the activities of Rápel , Pino a Pino or Eurobungui .

Rápel is an activity suitable for all ages and with all security systems. From the terrace of the center, with wonderful views, and little by little the descent is made under the watchful vigilance of the monitors by some ropes well secured in the upper part.

The practice of “Pino a Pino” is a very unique activity, it consists of going from one pine to another without touching the ground and using horizontal ladders and braided ropes. A challenge that can be saved without risks, because all participants wear safety harnesses. Suitable for all ages.

The experience of the Eurbungui , consists of bouncing on elastic beds, but duly secured by very strong rubber bands that facilitate lifting and turning on ourselves in the air … for those who dare. It is an approved activity that can be practiced at any age .

You can find all the information of this day in the Benagéber camp by visiting the DAY OF OPEN DOORS page.

We wait for you all! But first you have to sign up so we can organize the day well.

That day we can practice the activities of Rápel, Pino a Pino or Eurobungui.

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